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Maria & Yoganand

"To practice yoga is to change your experience. When you change your experience you change your life"

-Yoganand Michael Carroll

About Agape Yoga 

Agape Yoga was established in 2003 in CT and is now located in Kingston, NY.  We're very excited to build community here. We teach ancient yogic techniques that have been adapted for modern practitioners.  Agape yoga classes  are small by design to give you more individual attention. The focus is on the breath as you explore your physical, mental, and energetic bodies to develop a deeper awareness of your true self.  Benefits of a yoga practice include: improved physical, mental, emotional and energy bodies. This translates to greater strength, mental clarity, balanced emotions, stress reduction, weight loss, increased energy, enhanced sleep, and better breathing.  We invite you to explore this site and consider joining one of our classes today. You will leave class feeling more alive and centered, free from whatever no longer serves you.


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