Agape Yoga

4 Easton Rd, Westport, CT 06880, USA

(203) 856-8157

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Valerie R. Westport, CT

"I have been taking yoga classes from Maria for about three years and I find them to be relaxing, challenging and inspiring.  She easily adapts the class to the level of the group while providing enhanced difficulty to those who are more advanced.  Though initially, her classes may have seemed easy, by the end of the class I knew that I had experienced a good workout.  Maria also incorporates breathing exercises into each class which helps to relax and strengthen the lungs and stomach muscles.  I would highly recommend Maria’s yoga classes or workshops for anyone who wants to learn to relax and add flexibility and balance to their life.  I, myself am over 60 and now understand how important it is to maintain those parts of the body and only wish I had started years ago to practice with a teacher as skilled as Maria."


Dan Woog - Woog's World

Sue M.F., Wilton, CT

"Maria is great! I've never done yoga before, but she made me feel right at home! She knows her stuff while being friendly and real. The first "workout" that actually makes me feel better afterwards. My lower back sciatica is almost gone!"

John B., Guilford, CT

"I am in my 50s, so I was somewhat reluctant to undertake a yoga class – especially since I was pretty out of shape at the time. Agape Yoga was just the right thing for me. Conveniently located right off the Merritt Pkwy exit 42, Maria’s classes are small and at a pace that makes it easy to feel like you’re making progress and enjoying yourself. You get expert instruction that doesn’t make you feel foolish and a warm, gentle approach to yoga that emphasizes its spiritual (not religious) side."